ALLOY 26 is a cutting edge, co-working space in the heart of Pittsburgh’s North Side, in Nova Place. We provide great companies with office space, amenities and programming to help you build the next big thing. We’re a group of the brightest entrepreneurs sharing ideas and a passion for changing the world.

The Space

50,000SF of authentic space, guaranteed to inspire those lightbulb moments. Our open floor plan is fashioned with custom furniture with individual power stations that allow you to plugin with ease and flexibility. Private offices grant the peace and quiet you need to stay focused. Comfortable lounge areas evoke synergistic energy. “Your friends will have a serious case of office envy.”

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Upcoming Events


Alloy 26 Influencers: Meet Jordon Rooney of NFBD

Meet Jordon Rooney - CEO and Founder of Never Fear Being Different, a digital media organization that embraces the shift in modern media.  If you've spent any time at Alloy 26 this summer, you've probably noticed some of the new faces of their...

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Alloy 26 Influencers: Homemade In The Kitchen

If you are a current Alloy 26 member, you may have noticed some rather delicious food for you to sample in our kitchen.  Well, it's time to know the story behind all of those savory treats.M...

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Meet Co-OP: Connecting Ordinary People

Meet Co-OP: Connecting Ordinary People   Over the past several months, Alloy 26, with the HERlead fellowship, has been hosting Co-OP: Connecting Ordinary People. Founded by Teresa Leatherow, Co-OP is a non-profit organ...

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Alloy 26 Influencers: Winslo6

If you’ve been in Nova Place for at least a couple of months, you’ve probably noticed that we do a lot of cool events. One of Nova Place’s biggest event series is the Nova Nights Series with food trucks, live music, items for purchase, the occasional puppies on...

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Think Big Campaigns, A26 Influencers

 If you attended our International Women’s Day Celebration “Women in Politics Panel,” you might recognize Mitch Kates of Think Big Campaigns for his introduction of our 7 accomplished panelists. But how familiar are you with the company itself and the two co-founders who have an office at Alloy 26?  Think ...

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A26 Influencers: Meet Karen Haller Beer of National Geographic Learning

 Meet Karen Haller Beer – she’s a senior development editor for National Geographic Learning, a division of Cengage Learning. As the sole NGL employee in Pittsburgh, she...

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