• The Importance of Collaboration


    Every company has their own strengths and weaknesses and everyone struggles with innovation from time to time. Coming up with new ideas is, often times, challenging especially when you are on your own. So how can you make it easier on yourself?


    Collaborate to innovate.


    Innovation is all about creativity… creating an idea, a process, and a result. And the most efficient way to create is to do so with a team. Think about it… would it be more effective to innovate with one brain, or multiple brains? Coming up with an innovative idea and developing that idea is a challenge…Working with a team makes all of that easier. Here are 3 things to think about when considering collaboration:


    Finding the ‘BIG’ Idea You may have that ‘BIG’ idea, but if you don’t, where do you begin? Communicate. Often times, the ‘BIG’ idea comes from a bunch of small ideas. Everyone has a different a mindset, full of different thoughts. Communicating with each other by sharing small ideas could just spark that ‘BIG’ one. If you already have the ‘BIG’ idea, communication is still key. Ask for feedback. Someone may be able to contribute to your idea or someone may see something that you could never see.


    Everyone has Different Strengths When creating a collaborative team it is key to exploit each individual’s strengths. Find what each person does best and take advantage of it. Each individual has something to bring to the table. Some people are more creative, while others are better at logistics. It’s important to see these different strengths and to understand the importance of using them to come up with the best idea and development process.


    The Development Process Will Always be Better with More People Though coming up with an idea may be hard, that is just the beginning. Now that your team has that ‘BIG’ idea, the next step is to develop it. The product development process can be difficult and timely. Plans need to be made, development needs to be completed, and the result needs to be perfect. One person could complete this process, but think about much faster and better the process could be, if multiple people worked on it together. Collaborating with others not only makes it easier, but it also ensures more accuracy of the final product. It is highly likely for one single person to make a mistake during the product development process. Weather it be forgetting a small detail or a big one, mistakes are usually made and often times go unnoticed. When working with multiple people, it is easier to notice that mistake and fix it before it’s too late.


    Collaboration and innovation go hand in hand. If you want the best results you need to communicate. You need to collaborate. Put together a great team and get to work!


    Need a little push? Join us on Tuesday, 9/12 for the next ProductTank Pittsburgh Meetup at Alloy26. This event will give you the opportunity to communicate with others and learn from some of the best. Start collaborating today to ensure better results for tonight.