• Pittsburgh’s Art Scene

    When you think of Pittsburgh, what is the first thing that pops into your mind? Chances are it is bridges, one of our fabulous sports teams, or even savory pierogis.  Often, art does not make the list.
    Pittsburgh, however, is home to some extremely talented artists and engaging art galleries.  These art galleries are sprinkled throughout the city and range in nature from contemporary pieces to beautifully shot photography.


    Boxheart Gallery is an artist run, commercial gallery that was opened 15 years ago by husband and wife, Joshua Hogan and Nicole Capozzi.  This gallery, located in Bloomfield, immerses you in a creative atmosphere rich with contemporary art pieces.  These pieces represent a diverse portfolio of both emerging and mid-career artists.  Boxheart Gallery has won numerous awards in its 15 years including being named one of Pittsburgh’s “10 Best Contemporary Galleries” by the Culture Trip.  To see their hours and access more information about the exhibits currently featured, visit their website at http://www.boxheartgallery.com/.


    Silver Eye Center for Photography is the place to go if you prefer photographs to other forms of art.  This gallery, located in Pittsburgh’s South Side, strives to “promote the power of contemporary photography and visual storytelling to inform, engage, and inspire diverse audiences and communities.”  They do this through the innovative exhibitions and programs they host at their gallery. To check out a list of their current exhibits, visit their website at https://www.silvereye.org/onview/.


    Most Wanted Fine Art is a gallery, studio, and performance space located on Penn Avenue.  Since it opened in 2007, this gallery has won numerous awards such as the “Community Development Award” from Pittsburgh Community Reinvestment Group and even and “Best Art Gallery for Local Artists” two years in a row by Pittsburgh City Paper readers.  On the first Friday of every month, Most Wanted Fine Art hosts an art show opening in conjunction with Unblurred.  For the most up-to-date information or to learn more about this gallery, visit their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/MostWantedFineArt/.


    Unsmoke Systems Art Space is one of the most interesting galleries in Pittsburgh.  Founded in 2008, UnSmoke is located in a repurposed Catholic school building in Braddock.  Created as a project of the non-profit Braddock Redux, the space is part of a larger community effort to revitalize Braddock.  It hosts a diverse variety of experimental art that helps to bring energy and purpose back into Braddock.  For more information, visit their website at http://unsmokeartspace.com/.


    Visiting an art gallery is a great way to experience something new and support the local economy in Pittsburgh.  Make the most of all Pittsburgh has to offer and visit one soon.


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