• Partners4Work and TechHire Event at Alloy 26

    On Monday, May 22, Alloy 26 welcomed the inaugural class graduates of TechHire, an accelerated teaching program that offers technological training for all age groups. TechHire is a 16-week course, and has been described as very hands-on and fast-paced. In this time, students learn how to design, code, and create their own computer programs, which are major skills in a tech-rich city like Pittsburgh. The course certainly prepares students for real-world applications, as the graduates create programs for various clients, and upon client approval, are chosen for publishing.

    TechHire collaborates with Partner4Work, an organization that partners with businesses all over the city to source and train individuals seeking jobs. According to their website, Partner4Work connects funding, expertise, and opportunities for employers, job seekers, agencies and policy makers to “develop a thriving workforce in the Pittsburgh area.” The key programs that Partner4Work collaborates with, like TechHire, help increase opportunities for those with barriers to employment, and are essentially a “one stop” system that allows individuals to access an array of training, education, and employment services in a single location, while providing funding to serve vulnerable youth.

    It’s no secret that the technology industry is continuously growing, especially with all the new developments in both technological understanding and devices. It’s forecasted that there will be a 21% growth rate in these job areas by 2024, which translates to 488, 500 new tech jobs, of which there are a plethora to choose from, including analysts, security managers, data engineers, software developers, among others. These statistics illustrate just how pivotal this specific knowledge is, and TechHire prepares individuals for this exact market. The graduates, therefore, are assets to the city of Pittsburgh, and in an extension, are assets to the entire globe, as the world is consistently advancing technologically and as a result requires people with this skill set.

    To the graduates of TechHire: congratulations! Those of us at Alloy 26 are honored that we got to host and attend your ceremony. Partner4Work, thank you for your contribution to the workforce, and the assistance you provide in bridging the labor gaps. If you want to check out TechHire’s page, you can find it here: http://techhire.wpengine.com/community/pittsburgh/
    For more information on Partner4Work, go to their site at https://www.partner4work.org/

    All statistics about the industry were found here: http://www.modis.com/it-insights/infographics/top-it-jobs-of-2017/