• Make Green Work

    We all have to do our part when it comes to being environmentally responsible, but at work, its hard to see beyond just the norm of going paperless and recycling our used water bottles. Here are some easy ways to make your work space a little bit greener and your carbon footprint a little bit lighter.


    Bring plants into your office Not only do plants add a little bit of personality to your work space, but they produce oxygen, and can help combat CO2 emissions.


    Use a power strip Not only does this protect your electronics, but at the end of the day, you can simply turn off or unplug the entire strip to cut down on electricity use when you’re not in the office.


    Get yourself a reusable water bottle If you’re not already on this bandwagon, you should be. Perhaps one of the easiest swaps, investing in a reusable water bottle or tumbler helps to cut back on plastic—and save you money in the long run. Most office spaces have filtered water fountains anyway (Alloy 26 does!), so fill up!


    Double up on paper use You’re probably already recycling paper anyway, so why not cut back on your paper waste even more and invest in a double sided printer to cut your paper use in half? Have paper old documents that only used one side? Cut these into scrap paper for jotting down notes and memos in the office.


    Pack your lunch Cut down on your lunchtime waste when you bring your own and use reusable containers. Not only are you cutting down on waste, but you’ll probably save money on eating out, too.


    Adjust your commute We don’t always have time to skip the drive, but if you’re close enough, try carpooling, bussing, walking, or biking to work. Even cutting down on one commute a week can have an impact.


    Going green starts on a personal level, and these tiny adjustments are easy ways to make your contribution and make going green work for you.