• Find Creativity and Clear Your Mind in the North Side

    Starting a company is extremely challenging. Sometimes you have to go through obstacles in order to get to where you want to be. Changing your routine can help you restart your thoughts and allow you to come up with new ideas you may have not thought of before. Maybe your “aha!” moment happens in your bedroom or a coffee shop, but always seeking inspiration from others is a good start. You can do this by visiting different museums in the North Side of Pittsburgh that become interactive as you move through the exhibitions. This stimulation to your brain can spark up the one idea you have been missing all along.


    The Andy Warhol Museum is a great place to explore alternatives and get your mind off work.

    The museum houses artwork from famous Pittsburgher, Andy Warhol, with some exhibitions focusing on his history and later years. From his notorious Campbell Soup logos to his Marylyn Monroe portraits, Warhol certainly left a legacy. The artist was born on August 6, 1928, in a working-class neighborhood in the city of Pittsburgh. Growing up in the Depression-era was hard for young Warhol because of his neurological disorder that caused him to perform involuntary movements. In hopes to console her young son, Warhol’s mom bought him his first camera when he was eight years old.


    Warhol cultivated different looks through the years to essentially test different personas. His most recognized “look” was the white wig he often wore. After graduating from art school, Warhol moved to New York where the pathway to his fame began. There he experienced his first art shows and then started to experiment with the pop art movement later in 1960. Once he mastered that, he moved to photographic silkscreen printing in 1962. Other highlights of his career include short films.


    As you navigate the museum from highest floor to the lowest, you can see Warhol’s story and progress through different art movements. Don’t be fooled at the end. Once you make it to the first floor again, there is still one floor left. On this floor you can explore different techniques Warhol used throughout the years. It is the perfect setting to sit and clear your head. His most famous silk screening techniques allows the artist to create many copies of the same picture in just minutes. This is how he created most of his collections.


    Free of charge, the Andy Warhol museum lets you create these pieces of art that you can take home. If you want to branch outside of the Warhol Museum and experience a larger silk-screening studio, you’re in luck, because just up the street is AIR, a facility that provides the community with access to printing facilities and equipment. Here, you can create designs, print t-shirts, posters, and more, offering you more mediums and options than the museum does. So, if you enjoyed printing a poster at the museum, why not try your hand at a t-shirt? Head on over to AIR, and who knows, you may become the next Andy Warhol.