• Ellevate Network Meets at Alloy 26


    On Monday night, Alloy 26 hosted Ellevate Pittsburgh for a Mentoring Meetup focusing on Professional Assertiveness and Confidence.  At this event, there were eight seasoned professionals from around Pittsburgh who engaged in a “speed mentoring” session to provide tips and strategies for younger female professionals from the area to be confident in the workplace.


    Ellevate Pittsburgh is a global professional women’s network with 40+ chapters throughout the world.  Their mission in a nutshell is “women empowering women.”  They aim to engage and empower women worldwide through networking and hosting events.  Last night’s speed-mentoring meetup was one of the many events Ellevate Pittsburgh hosts.


    The mentors invited by Ellevate had a diverse range of experience from their respective career paths which allowed each one to provide unique insight into the problems women can face in the workplace.  One of the mentors was a stylist for StichFix while another mentor had experience in the fields of both chemistry and law.  There were also mentors in the financial field and marketing field, as well as a myriad of other sectors of business.  Regardless of their job title, all of the mentors were consistent in their ability to coach women into having the confidence they need to climb the corporate ladder and succeed in the workplace.


    The night began with the opportunity for the younger professionals to connect with each other over food and drinks.  There were between 20-25 women who attended the event as mentees, all pf whom were eager to make connections and learn from the more experienced women present.  Although all were young professionals, their careers ranged from entrepreneurs to employees at well-known companies around Pittsburgh.


    After the mentees had the chance to eat, drink, and mingle, the mentoring session began in earnest.  Each one of the eight mentors were stationed at a different seat around the Alloy 26 event space.  At any given time, one mentee was speaking with one mentor.  These speed sessions lasted for about ten minutes before the mentee moved to speak with the next mentor.  This progressed until all mentees had the opportunity to speak with a mentor one-on-one.


    The close, personal setting allowed the younger professionals a chance to ask questions and learn strategies to be assertive and confident in the workplace.  They spoke about topics such as asking for a raise, speaking up for yourself, and not doubting your ability to succeed.  Many of these often come as challenges to young women working in a male-dominated environment.


    Throughout the night, great advice was given, many valuable connections were made, and a number of business cards were exchanged.  If you had hoped to attend but were not able, don’t worry!  This event was only one of many great opportunities for young professionals that Alloy 26 hosts.  There are still a number of other networking and professional events that you will be able to attend this year.  To learn about them, be sure to stay up to date with our Facebook page and blog.