• Does Your Company Blog?

    Does your company blog? If you don’t, you better start, and here’s why!

    This morning I was looking at my stockpile of blog topics, trying to pick something to write about that was timely and interesting, something that people would actually want to read! Something applicable to co-working. I thought about our very first blog post for Alloy 26, which we just shared last week, and how after posting, our website traffic doubled that day, dreams do come true. Then it hit me…I should absolutely write a post about the important role blogging SHOULD play in your digital marketing strategy. Did you ever think you would be reading about marketing tips on a co-working blog?

    Hello SEO – As cliché as this is, high-quality, fresh content is truly king. Using important keywords (this is where I should be plugging the keyword co-working) and phrases in your posts, that are associated with your business, is significant in remaining relevant to search engines. Giving search engines new content to index creates opportunities to increase your ranking on search engine results pages (SERPS if you want to sound like a super professional marketing person).

    The FREE factor – Blogging is essentially free, in terms of dollars…When do you ever hear FREE in marketing? Although you are saving valuable dollars, you’re spending valuable time writing. Time well spent though because blogging is truly a long-term investment that you need to make in your digital marketing strategy. Initially when you first publish a blog post, most of your hits will come that day, and it will be a great day because your site will never see so much traffic, and then the next day your traffic will dwindle. But please don’t get frustrated, because now, your blog post is ranked in the search engines, you will continue to see traffic for years, from that ONE post.

    Social Media – Posting on social media multiple times a day is an extremely time consuming, yet ever important task. To say that I’m always looking for new things to post is an understatement. Having a new blog post to share on social media is a quick an easy way to meet your daily posting quota, increase engagement, and drive traffic back to your website.

    Brand Personality – Get personal, humanize your brand, there is a person behind the computer. Right? Create a connection with your customers, your audience, and your readership. Personalizing your brand can build and strengthen trust. If you can provide valuable expertise and worthwhile information through your blog posts, you will become the go-to leader in your industry.

    Lastly, blogging can just be plain fun. Writing, especially when it can be creative, really gets the juices flowing and allows your brain to take a break from the monotony of excel spreadsheets and lackluster budgets, all the while doing something to grow your business. Don’t wait, start this weekend and share with us your first, or latest post!