• Alloy 26: More Than Just a Place to Work


    Far too often, the worst part a person’s day is having to go into work. Whether it be because of the actual work itself, their co-workers, or even the environment they work in, many people would rather do just about anything else. Doesn’t it seem wrong that the place you spend the most time out of your days in, is the last place you want to be?


    Well it is wrong. Working at Alloy 26, you won’t dread coming in, you’ll actually look forward to it! Between the modernized space, the great amenities, and the ability to meet with new inspiring people every day, you’ll find Alloy 26 to feel more like a second home and less like an office.


    Our large co-working space with open seating as well as office areas allows you to collaborate with people outside of your co-workers. Whether you get together to discuss work ideas or just to grab lunch, the opportunities to build friendships and make connections will make coming to work one of the best parts of your day.


    In addition, the ability to move around the room provides you with a sense of freedom. If you want to sit at a desk and get down to business, you can do that. If sitting comfortably on a couch gets your ideas flowing, you can do that too. If sitting in the same room looking at the same views gets you down, there are plenty of other places in Nova Place for you to get work done. Between the state-of-the-art lobby area and the innovation huts all throughout the main Concourse, you’ll never get bored.


    The space provides innovative ways for you to work. With a huge wall you can use as a notebook, canvas, or even a way of communicating with other Alloy 26 members, your ideas will come to life. In the case you like to work alone with peace and quiet, don’t worry we offer that too. With sound-proof telephone booths with a desk and stool inside, you can sit in here if the silence helps you focus. In addition, conference rooms are available for use throughout the space equipped with screens and phones with conference calling ability you have a place for you most important meetings.


    In addition to a great place to work, there is a full lounge and kitchen area for you to relax and take a break. Enjoy your lunch, play a quick game of ping pong or foosball and unwind. Feel free to use the Keurig and coffee provided for you or head out to the lobby to have complimentary coffee from La Prima Espresso Company. You’ll be dying to get work just to have a cup of their coffee.


    Most importantly the options for lunch at Alloy 26 is endless. Located in the main concourse is Eco Bistro, a café with a little bit of everything from sandwiches to sushi, you’ll find what you are looking for. A short stroll down the concourse you’ll find City Fresh, providing delicious, home-made pasta to enjoy. Don’t worry if you think you could get sick of these places, every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday a different food truck is serving up lunch on the plaza. You’ll be anxious to for the weekend to be over so you can get back to your favorite lunch spots.


    Still not sure if Alloy 26 is the place for you? Try it out. Our flexible rental options make it the perfect place if you don’t want to make a commitment. Rent a desk or an office on a month to month basis so you’ll never feel tied down! Although, we’re pretty positive you wouldn’t mind to be bound to Alloy 26.


    Come see for yourself!