• Tips for a Spooky Good Halloween Office Party

    With Halloween on a Tuesday this year, many see this as an inopportune time to celebrate Halloween, but it doesn’t have to be! Having a Halloween Party in your office can be just as much (if not more) fun then a weekend celebration! Not sure how? We’ve put together some tips and ideas so you can throw a SPOOK-tacular Halloween party for your employees!


    Here are some tips for throwing the best Halloween Office Party:


    1. TREATS
    Trick or Treat the adult way by having a pot luck lunch. Have employees bring in Halloween-themed dishes to show off their creativity. Doing lunch this way provides the perfect opportunity for employees to interact with each other and bond. In the end, the more co-workers feel like a team, the better they’ll work.

    Halloween recipes to try:


    2. Costume Contest
    Allowing employees to wear their favorite (work-appropriate) costumes will make the office a really fun, silly environment for the day. Halloween spirit will radiate throughout the work place making it hard for employees to be in a bad mood. The good moods of your employees will be reflected in the work they put out. In the case where your employees may have face-to-face time with clients, set up a designated time of day to wear costumes. If everyone wears their costume during the pot luck lunch, they’ll have a chance to take a look at everyone’s costumes and vote for who they think is the best! Incentive to have the best costume will also amplify your employees’ engagement in the festivities!

    Below are Halloween costumes appropriate for the work place!


    3. Games and Activities
    While games and activities may seem like they are for children, they can be a lot of fun and lead to team building between your employees. Giving time on a holiday to engage in enjoyable activities during the work day will encourage employees to work harder before the festivities begin! Whether you hold a pumpkin carving contest or bob for apples your employees are sure to show their competitive side as well as their ability to work as a team!
    Fun-filled offices activities/games:

    • Halloween Movie Trivia
      Halloween-inspired Bingo
      Pumpkin painting/carving
      Apple bobbing


    4. Give Back
    If you’d prefer a less wacky day in the office, Halloween is a great time to give back to your community! Many children are not as fortunate as others and won’t have the opportunity to go trick or treating this year. Visit a local hospital with candy to put a smile on a patient’s face. If you don’t have the time to leave the office, ask your employees to all bring in candy to donate so you can send it over to those in need!

    A Halloween celebration with food, costumes, and games is bound to lead to a fun day as well as making your employees a better team in the long run! Let your inner child’s desire to dress up as Batman and eat all the candy in sight run wild! Share with us how you’re celebrating Halloween in the office on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter!