• Shop Small for the Holidays


    The holiday shopping season is finally back — and though we all love the black Friday deals, standing in crowds full of anxious holiday shoppers can easily cancel out the charm of the day. So instead of rushing to the local mall and standing in endless lines for items in chain department stores, stay home and plan out your shopping day for Shop Small Saturday. Aside from dodging the craziness of Black Friday, there are plenty of benefits to shopping small. Here is a list of the top three reasons why you should support your local small businesses and shop small this holiday season!


    Shopping Small Gives Back to your Community

    All small businesses are required to pay sales tax to the local governments and this his tax goes straight to city or county where the business is located. Contributing to the sales of a small business contributes to the necessary work that needs to be done in your community, whereas contributing to a big business does not. Small businesses are a huge part of your community and shopping at them is a great benefit to not only the business but also to the community that you live in.


    Small businesses also create jobs in your community, so when you contribute to a small business you help provide opportunities to your local community residents.


    You are Exposed to Product Diversity

    Small businesses provide a lot of products that you can’t find in big chain stores, especially when it comes to clothing and accessories. You are more likely to find uniquely made items in small businesses than in big ones, and when you do find them, the price won’t break your bank. They also have access to vendors that big businesses use, so you are able to find one of a kind items as well as necessities that are also available at big businesses.


    The Atmosphere Can be More Inviting

    Shopping at a small business will provide you with an experience that includes great customer service, great quality items, and great prices. Small business owners want you to have good experience, so they understand and value great customer service. They are more likely to help you with an issue than big business employees will.  The quality of the items will also be better. They are not ordering items in as big of bulk as big businesses are; therefore they have more time and more options to choose for their customers. Their products are also more likely to be better quality. They need to provide the best items for their small range of customers.



    So regardless of what you need to complete your holiday shopping list, Pittsburgh is full of small business that should have it all! For a list of small businesses to shop in Pittsburgh, visit  http://c4spgh.org/participating-businesses-communities/ and plan out the perfect shopping day while supporting your local businesses!