• #PghDemoDay

    This past Wednesday entrepreneurs from all over the Pittsburgh area gathered at the Carnegie Music Hall to present their innovative ideas at Alphalab + Alphalab gear’s Demo Day! #PGHDemoDay was presented by Innovation Works, a company working to enhance Southwestern PA’s technology economy by investing in startups.


    The morning was filled with cutting-edge presentations from twelve hardworking startups.


    Amelia. This mobile app will allow traveling businesswomen from all over the country to connect with each other while in different cities to enjoy dinner together or go for a jog. This impressive app is empowering women while promoting safety.


    Module.  This company designs incremental housing units that grow with you. As your needs change, so can the size of your home. This smart housing is accessible and affordable to new homeowners and the working class families alike.


    Adrich. A data analytics platform presenting high-tech smart labels to get products to the right place at the right time. These labels track customers’ usage, how they use, when they use it and even when a consumer needs more!


    ZaaBox. This luxury subscription bath and body box delivers 5 products unique for African-American women right to their door. These all-natural products target the underserved consumer in a beneficial way.


    blastPoint. This platform simplifies location-based data for anyone, not just large corporations. Users can conveniently receive visual data information without having to sort through the hard to interpret datasets.


    LiftLink. This unique tracking system tracks gym members work outs providing simplified data for the gym to use in order to improve member retention.


    Norilla. This mixed-reality learning system combines virtual learning with physical learning in order to engage children. This type of learning will improve kids STEM in an enjoyable way.


    HiberSense.  By installing sensors to keep track of the climate in each individual room, the Hiber vents adjust their airflow to guarantee the most comfortable temperature for occupancy.


    Arin Tech. They developed and Indoor Positioning System to locate products and people within an indoor environment where GPS do not work. This system is especially beneficial to those companies with their warehouses attached to manufacturing plants.


    NSIDE-OUTSPACES. By repurposing shipping containers, NSIDE-OUTSPACES provides economical pop up markets and housing. The containers are even being renovated to provide temporary housing for the homeless.


    Lanespotter. An app designed for the safety of cyclists of your city! This app provides safety to the millions of bikers in America by including infrastructure maps, showing lanes, potholes, closures which cyclists are able to rank and add to.


    Qlicket. This WiFi platform provides instantaneous feedback to from guests to those in the hospitality field. With the ability to have real-time, two-way dialogue, guests are provided with solutions before they even leave.


    COGNOWEAR. This inventive clothing will sense the environment and adjust to ensure the heating or cooling of the wearer to provide the utmost comfort.


    A block party with a catered lunch and a chance to learn more about the presenters’ ideas followed the inventive presentations. #PGHDemoDay was a successful day of showcasing what brilliant minds have been up to in our city!