• Office Holiday Party

    As sleigh bells start to ring and snowflakes begin to fall, it is time to begin planning your office’s annual holiday party.  Holiday parties are a great way for employees to come together and enjoy a day or an evening of fun while forgetting the stress of their jobs.


    For some, planning a holiday party is an unwelcome burden.  For others, it is a fun challenge they cannot wait to embark upon.  No matter your current mindset, by the end of the holiday party you will be patting yourself on the back for a job well done.  There are numerous ideas for games, decorations, and food that can be executed on a low budget and will result in fun for everyone involved.


    One great activity to have at your holiday party is a cubicle or desk decorating contest.  This competition can be started about a week before the holiday party and, at the party, the judging can be done.  This activity serves a dual purpose.  First, it will help you out by adding a festive feel to the office, (this means less decorating for you!) It will also get employees in the holiday spirt and allow them to look forward to the judging at the holiday party.

    At the party, there are a variety of games that can be played.  One simple yet fun game is “Poke a Tree.”  In order to play this game, you will create a tree out of cups and paper.  First, hide a small trinket, or a larger surprise, in each cup.  Then, cover the top of the cup with tissue paper so the surprise is hidden.  Arrange the cups in the shape of a tree.  Finally, the employees can each punch out the paper in a cup to reveal their surprise.  The surprises within the cups could be anything from a small gift card to a gag gift, depending on the spirit of the party.

    Another popular activity at holiday parties is a photo booth.  These are simple and easy to execute.  For instructions on how to make one, look here: https://www.simplebooth.com/diy-photo-booth.  You can even make your own accessories for the photo booth, such as the ones pictured, to keep the cost down.

    There are a variety of options for festive food at your holiday party.  A hot chocolate bar is always a big hit.  People can deck out their cups with whipped cream, chocolate chips, marshmallows, or any other toppings provided.  Another fun option is to have a cookie decorating station.  Set out a platter of sugar cookies, icing, and sprinkles and allow people to decorate their own cookies if they choose.

    These are just a few ideas out of hundreds to plan the best holiday party yet.  If you are still looking for more inspiration to make this year’s holiday party the best yet, check out pinterest.com for even more great ideas.  Now, get planning!