• New Fellows Are Calling Alloy 26 Their Home for the Next 6 Months

    Alloy 26 is excited to announce the Winter 2017 class of companies accepted into their fellowship program. Alloy 26’s fellowship program awards unique companies headquartered in Pittsburgh a free 6-month stay that includes a dedicated desk for each employee and all of the resources that come with a membership at Alloy 26. Unlike similar incubator programs, there are zero equity fees involved, and no obligation to rent an office or desk after the program ends. This no-strings-attached approach grants companies the opportunity to focus on growing their business with less of a financial burden for the 6-month period.

    “Alloy 26 is excited to welcome this diverse group of organizations into our Fellowship this winter. We have both non-profits and for-profits that are focused on a variety of different opportunities including empowering entrepreneurs, creating hardware/software products, and housing initiatives. We’re looking forward to what they accomplish in the next 6 months,” said Mike Woycheck, Operations Director for Alloy 26.

    Winter 2017 fellows include:

    LEVELS Creative Empowerment and Consulting Group equips entrepreneurs and organizations to engage + create + transform. Levels believes actionable internal work leads to external impact and growth and that your life purpose is directly related to the “why” of what you do both individually and organizationally. Levels services include organizational program management and individualized consultations. Their collective tribe of women creatives develops customized approaches for their clients’ needs that include: transformational experiences in eliminating barriers to growth, access to collaborations and connections with shared resources

    G.O Girls addresses the critical need for supportive services for young women transitioning from foster care into adulthood. G.O girls seeks to empower young women to achieve a successful adulthood by providing workshops that focus on financial literacy, life skills, career and education readiness, as well as creative development.

    RENEW412 is developing a platform and service to encourage reinvestment and enable homeownership in the Pittsburgh region. By leveraging community partnerships, financial tools, and promoting resources in a user-friendly way, we intend to address blight, vacancy, and affordability, ensuring that Pittsburgh remains ‘the most livable city’ for everyone.

    Switcheroo creates simple smart home products that allow consumers the ability to reconfigure which outlets in their homes are turned on by their existing switches. Switcheroo most recently reached and surpassed their Kickstarter goal and raised $25k in one week!

    Peregrinator’s Paradise is a tiny home hospitality accommodation offering vacationers and travelers a low-cost alternative to expensive hotels and resorts. There will be three tiny-home units located on a small plot of land. Two of the units will be rented to vacationers via our website, or e-booking sites and applications. The last unit will be rented to a property manager, who will live on site and is responsible for managing and monitoring that location, the guests, and its grounds.

    Team Tassy accompanies families in Haiti out of poverty through good, dignified jobs. They believe in the power of work, and provide wrap around services for families to get them there. They begin with access to medical care, as illnesses can stand in the way of all other goals. Next, they ensure all school-aged children have access to an education and address all basic needs such as debt and shelter with their parents. Once families are work-ready, they participate in Tassy’s job training program and are placed into dignified work. They receive follow-up services to ensure success in the workplace while Team Tassy stands by them until they no longer need us. Once families graduate, they are asked to lend a helping hand to the next family in need.

    RealBotics is an Internet remote control company, building a tele- robotic platform (realbotics.com) that allows users to attach and control physical devices and hardware from anywhere with Internet access. The software platform utilizes live streaming video that allows a device operator to see what is being controlled. Android and iOS applications are currently under development allowing RealBotics to be used natively on mobile phones.

    Alloy 26 accepts companies for its fellowship program on a rolling basis. To apply, visit our website at alloy26.com.