• Module Goes to Demo Day

    Module, an inaugural fellow at Alloy 26, graduated from the AlphaLab Gear incubation program this past week and pitched their concept at the treasured and respected Demo Day, which is a program built and run by AlphaLab, AlphaLab Gear, and Innovation Works. With the ultimate goal of lining up investors, each company that pitches at Demo Day has 5 minutes to shine in front of an auditorium of spectators, peers, mentors, and investors.


    We’ve kept up with Module since they first sat with us at Alloy 26, and have been impressed with all of their accomplishments. If you want to read more on what Module has been up to, check out our previous blog on their past pitch competitions and interviews, and to become even more familiar with Module, check out our first blog with them where we sat down with Brian Gaudio to interview him on Module’s startup journey.


    At Demo Day, Brian spoke on behalf of the Module team, which consists of two other team members Hallie Dumont and Drew Brisley. These teammates have years of design, construction, architecture training as well as previous startup experience. Module is completely sustainable because of its hardworking, experienced team members. Brian’s pitch provided an overview of their concept with some new context and an exciting look at their partnership with Comcast.


    What makes Module stand out most is its bold distinction between the past and the future of housing. The Module housing platform helps people say goodbye to the old way of home buying and building, otherwise known as “McMansion Syndrome,” according to Brian. He believes that “Single family housing is stuck in the 20th Century,” which incorporates an idea that bigger is better. These McMansions that Brian contrasts the Module home concept with have a ton of extra space, but it’s unnecessary, unused space.


    The Module home gives you the right amount of space at the right time in your life. Based on their specially designed housing quiz, they can match you with a house that will accommodate where you are in your life and what your specific needs are. Then, the Module home design has the ability to grow with you and your family so that you never have wasted space.


    Brian then announced their Comcast partnership. Comcast partnered with Module on their spec home to provide smart-house technology. Showcasing both companies’ creations, the Module home with the smart-house technology, provided an actual look inside a 21st Century American-Dream home. Not only did this partnership help to motivate the completion of the Module spec home, it also showed the possibility of integrating technology into a Module home. This combination opened doors for people looking to have a minimalist house with maximum adaptability and advancement.


    We look forward to keeping up with all of Module’s accomplishments, along with all of our other fellows and companies inside of Alloy 26. We, alongside Nova Place, have been honored to sponsor Demo Day for a second year, and as this Demo Day came to a close, marking the end of another cycle, it definitely left us excited and inspired for the years to come.