• Fun in the Work Place: Why It’s Important

    For many, the thought of going into work brings on stress and sorrow. Spending long days in the office with little to no fun leaves employees feeling negative and unhappy, which can end up being reflected in their work. However, it doesn’t have to be this way!


    More recently, many offices are incorporating ways for their employees to genuinely enjoy the time they spend at work. Taking care of your employees’ needs and creating an environment where your employees enjoy spending time is changing the way people view the workplace.


    According to studies done in the past twenty years, the more emphasis your workplace puts on fun, the happier your employees are. In turn, happiness of employees has a strong impact on their motivation, productivity, stress levels, satisfaction, and task performance. Enhancing fun in the workplace helps build your company as a team and can keep conflicts to a minimum.


    There are many easy ways to create an exciting, fun, and extremely productive workplace for your employees to thrive in.


    Alloy 26 is the perfect example of an enjoyable work environment. At the office, there are plenty of opportunities for you to manage your stress, bond with your co-workers, and produce ideas and products that will take your company to the next level!


    We’ve put together a list of ways to turn your workplace into playful one.

    1. Encourage employees to make friends with one another. Provide your employees with the time and materials needed to interact with each other in a non-work related manner. Whether that is with a relaxing game room/lounge or just free time in the day to mingle. Connection between employees will enhance your company.
    2. Another way to get co-workers to become friends is to plan events outside of the work place. Set up happy hours on Fridays for employees to wind down and have conversations with other workers that a busy day may not allow time for. Getting to know the people you work with on a daily basis allows for better understanding of each individual and the ability to find ways to work best with each other.
    3. Incorporate fun team building exercises in the workday! Not only will your employees learn how to work better together, they will have fun doing so. This strategy will leave you with a stronger team and happier employees.
    4. Be sure to incorporate celebrations. Employees will feel appreciated if their birthdays do not go by unnoticed. Make note of employees with birthdays each month and prepare a lunch time dessert to celebrate the people who help your company grow.
    5. Being comfortable makes getting your work done a lot more pleasant. Allow your employees to move around and sit wherever they desire. Not being tied down to a desk or chair provides flexibility to find what seating fits you just right!

    Focusing on a cheerful, fun environment for your workplace will allow your company to reach its full potential. So take care of your employees and they will take care of the rest.