• Create Festival Pittsburgh

    The Dollar Bank Three Rivers Arts Festival located in Pittsburgh, PA, kicked off opening weekend with CREATE 2017, a one-day creativity and innovation festival hosted at the August Wilson Center that houses original art, interactive technologies, games, performances, maker workshops, and keynote speakers that inspire individuals to continue down the innovative path.


    The CREATE Festival is comprised of three events: IDEAfest, where participants discuss art and share stories via performances and presentations; the Innovation Salon, a nine-hour interactive exhibition and “creative marketplace”; and the CREATE Party, where performers and artists enjoy cocktails, music, technology, art, and food, ultimately allowing the attendees to come together and celebrate the work they shared with one another. At Alloy 26, we are honored to have been one of the sponsors of such an amazing event that helps keep creativity alive!


    The CREATE Festival aims to bring creative industries together to showcase how they make the world a better place, and explores the power of creativity and its role in shaping the community. The first event in the auditorium, which was a beautiful theatre full of motivated individuals, was speaker Lisa Song Sutton, former Miss Nevada and current “top-ten social entrepreneur to watch in 2017” according to Ink Magazine. Ms. Sutton is actively involved in the community, writes for Forbes about women in business, and moreover owns Sin City Cupcakes (alcohol-infused cupcakes, yum!), real estate properties, and a swim suit line. The event opened with an electrifying guitar solo by Byron Nash, and segued into Ms. Sutton’s presentation that taught the audience how to mindful of their brand. She set up five, easy steps that helped her reach high levels of success, and graciously shared them with the audience, which is important in this era where the self-brand is incredibly important and useful. Her steps included:


    1. 1. Be aware of your personal brand, and make all your accounts (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) the same handle so people can easily find you.
    2. 2. Practice what you post—what kind of message do you want to convey? Stay consistent.
    3. 3. Grow your brand within your community, and engage in this community.
    4. 4. Collaborate, cross-promote, and co-brand; what other platforms do you identify with (besides social media)? For example, could you promote via publications, radio, or TV?
    5. 5. You vs. You—don’t be your own enemy. Believe in yourself, stay motivated, and keep pushing for success.


    Ms. Sutton ended with a quote, referencing her last step specifically, “hard work beats talent, when talent doesn’t work hard,” meaning that you should let your work ethic shine through. This was certainly a great way to kick off the performances, as Ms. Sutton encouraged the audience to believe in themselves. This honestly plays a key role in self-branding, which everyone can readily improve if they model their practices after the five steps listed above. Ms. Sutton is an incredible motivator and entrepreneur, who encourages individuals to live up to their full potential. If you want to check out her business profile, you can find it here at http://www.businessinsider.com/lisa-song-sutton-profile-2014-8. Her personal Twitter handle is @LisaSongSutton, where she posts about charity events and all things business. If you want a more personal glimpse, check out her Instagram @lisasongsutton.


    The CREATE Festival is a great space for entrepreneurs, artists, tech-innovators, and the like to come together and appreciate all things creative, which is amazing considering it’s just the first event of many. The Dollar Bank Three Rivers Arts Festival is open until June 11th, so if you want to continue exploring all the inspiring projects, check it out in Downtown, Pittsburgh!