• Coworking During COVID-19

    By Christine Lomago



    “What a time to be alive!”

    “This too shall pass!”

    “Hang in there and stay healthy!”


    Just a few lines we have been saying to one another during what is such an uneasy and uncertain time. It’s also an unprecedented time for so many businesses, both large and small. As a well-established coworking space, we are also trying to navigate these waters. How do we continue to operate and manage the space with all of the new guidelines? We want people to feel they are welcome while making sure everyone is safe and respectful.


    Well, can you believe I wrote that first introduction last week? Look how quickly things have changed! As of this week, we are no longer staffing Alloy 26, and only companies who are considered life-sustaining are working out of the Alloy 26 space.


    Personally, this is a nerve-wracking time for me as I am almost 8 months pregnant and trying to do my best to keep myself and my baby safe and healthy. Luckily my husband has also been working from home since last week, so we have been navigating this time together and we try to keep each other laughing and sane. We’re trying new recipes, walking, gearing up for this baby and supporting local restaurants when we can. All in all, on day 7 I think we are doing pretty well, and while not everyone may feel the same, I think we are all just trying to do the best we can with such a crazy situation. A good tip is maintaining a routine- we try to get up, eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner at the same time each day. Fitting in other activities of course, but the routine helps.


    Professionally, I truly enjoy networking, working with others, and the day to day comradery of the office. I thrive on being social and making connections. I am a High I in the DiSC Profile, so learning to work alone and still bounce ideas virtually has taken some getting used to. But I am all about adaptability and trying new things, hence writing this blog. We wanted a way to keep in touch and communicate with our community. We may not be experts in navigating a pandemic, but I think coming together to share experiences and learn from what we’re all doing to get by will help make this time pass by a little quicker. This experience so far has brought us back to reality. We’re learning that you can still make real and meaningful connections with all the technology that surrounds us. It’s a good time to reinvent and make ourselves feel a little uncomfortable with all of the uncertainty; that is how we grow and learn to make an extra special lemonade out of a regular lemon.


    Please feel free to contribute a few words to this blog, as we hope you find it funny, therapeutic and maybe just something to pass the time. See you soon!