• Benefits of a Co-working Space

    Pittsburgh is home to a large number of start-ups and tech companies looking to make their mark in the world. No matter what invention or idea you are bringing to life, co-working spaces provide excellent opportunities to enhance your vision. Along with a space for you and co-workers to get down to business, co-working spaces often offer additional amenities and fun working environments so you never had a bad day at the office!


    A co-working space provides the opportunity to meet a ton of new people. With many other companies working right beside you, it is easy to form friendships with the people you see every day. Not only can bonds be formed, but also you also have the ability to share ideas and knowledge with people who are like-minded and even gain insight from those who are not. At Alloy 26, the workers inhabiting the space engage with each other by using the whiteboard wall to start off conversations and debates. This provides entertaining exchanges between the entire co-working space.


    Another way to debrief from a stressful workday is in an open kitchen area. This is a great place to strike up conversation with other creative minds or to spend time alone and away from your tasks. Inside the Alloy 26 lounge, many coworkers participate in games such as Ping-Pong or corn hole. Being able to walk away from your work and enjoy light-hearted games and snacks makes coworking spaces extremely appealing.


    In addition to the office space, there are plenty of lounge areas to relax your body while your brain is hard at work. Comfortable couches provide an enjoyable environment to work when you are in need of a change of pace or scenery. Besides different places to sit, there is different lighting in certain areas, which provides the opportunity for each individual to work in the way that is best for them. In Alloy 26, our dimly lit lobby with cozy couches provides a change from the well-lit office area.


    Furthermore, amenities provided in co-working spaces add to its appeal. At Alloy 26, complimentary coffee from La Prima is provided daily along with access to snacks and drinks. There are also private phone booths throughout the workspace for you to take important phone calls. If you and workers need to gather for a conference call, feel free to use an open conference room. After you are done for the day, you can head over to Union Fitness to workout your work stress.


    What coworking space provide that many rented out offices do not is flexibility. At Alloy 26, you can rent office space and desks monthly so you are never tied down to a rent. This is crucial for start-ups who are learning how far their business will go and at what rate it will increase.


    Statistics have shown coworking spaces provide workers with a healthier feeling, which makes them more at ease to finish tasks on time, and gives workers the ability to have better conversation according to Wix and Officevibe.


    So what are you waiting for? Bring your innovations to life in a modern co-working space!