• 5 Pittsburgh Startups to Keep on Your Radar

    Pittsburgh is quickly gaining a reputation as a city booming with business, and is using that momentum to build a breeding ground for innovative startups. Here are five notable newbies that we think you should keep your eye on:

    PIT SHOP Providing healthy snacks and fruit boxes directly to your office, PIT Shop is a cost effective and efficient way to supply healthy snacks in your office kitchen. Helping to shift office snacking away from vending machines, PIT Shop offers a great perk to employees at an affordable price point. PIT Shop will even provide customized shopping for special events like conferences, meetings, lunches, and company happy hours. Boxes rotate snacks weekly, source local fruits, and include gluten free and high protein options to increase productivity and healthy lifestyle choices amongst your employees.

    Sparket Reselling old or unused devices can be a hassle, but Sparket does all the work for you. Text Sparket with details about your device, and in seconds their algorithm will send you an offer for your device. Like the offer? A driver will then come directly to your door, with cash, and pick up your device, all in twenty minutes or less. Buying everything from laptops to phones to cameras, Sparket will buy your device, complete a data wipe of all your information, and resell your device for you. Promoting reuse instead of recycling, Sparket makes being less wasteful a little easier, and a little bit more profitable.

    Gridwise With Uber and Lyft building their reputation in Pittsburgh, Gridwise is here to give some power to the drivers. This app, designed by rideshare drivers themselves, provides drivers with information about local events, weather conditions, airport statistics, and real time alerts to help rideshare drivers maximize earnings by driving smarter. On average, drivers earn 39% more when using Gridwise, so its not hard to see why this small startup is so successful.

    Honeycomb Closing the funding gap for small businesses, Honeycomb allows small businesses to get credit directly from their customers, and in turn provides customers with the opportunity to locally invest. Focused on strengthening communities through small business lending, Honeycomb is lead by a team of small business owners and self-proclaimed finance nerds. Through their collective experience in the finance and business worlds, Honeycomb’s team provides individualized, fresh financing options that focus on engaging and empowering both businesses and consumers.

    Hello Neighbor Making a difference in the lives of refugees, Hello Neighbor connects U.S. citizens and refugees in a four-month mentor program. Officially founded in January 2017, Hello Neighbor was created with the vision of building a diverse and inclusive community. This unique program matches local residents with a refugee family to help guide and support them in their new lives. Providing and facilitating educational training on both sides, and featuring community events and access to local Pittsburgh events, Hello Neighbor works together with you to make a difference.

    Innovation is in the air in Pittsburgh—and in Alloy 26—so watch out for these homegrown, Steel City businesses that might just be the next big thing.