ALLOY 26 is a cutting edge, co-working space in the heart of Pittsburgh’s North Side, in Nova Place. We provide great companies with office space, amenities and programming to help you build the next big thing. We’re a group of the brightest entrepreneurs sharing ideas and a passion for changing the world.

The Space

50,000SF of authentic space, guaranteed to inspire those lightbulb moments. Our open floor plan is fashioned with custom furniture with individual power stations that allow you to plugin with ease and flexibility. Private offices grant the peace and quiet you need to stay focused. Comfortable lounge areas evoke synergistic energy. “Your friends will have a serious case of office envy.”

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Upcoming Events

Friends of Providence Presents: The Flashback to Summer Bash

January 19, 2018 5:00 pm  |  Alloy26 You are invited to join The Friends of Providence Committee on Friday, November 17th, for a night filled with summer fun, mingling, silent auction, and more in support of Providence Connections and its mission to strengthen families and enrich lives through comprehensive education and developmental opportunities for parent and children.The struggles families face today are not solved by easy fixes or one-time interactions and this is why Providence Connections offers year-round reprieve from...

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How to Stay Stress Free During a Busy Week

Every job has its stresses and some weeks are more hectic and stressful than most, and though it’s easy to breakdown and let the stress get the best of you, it’s im...

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How Your Business Can Give Back During the Holidays

During the holiday season, its easy to get wrapped up in the fun of shopping, the anticipation of a few days off, and the excitement of office holiday parties. But, if you’re looking for a way to get more out of the holiday season, here are some ways for your business to give back. Plan a Coat DriveAs temperatures drop, its not uncommon for families to not be able to afford a warm coat to keep w...

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Office Holiday Party

As sleigh bells start to ring and snowflakes begin to fall, it is time to begin planning your office’s annual holiday party.  Holiday parties are a great way for employees to come together and enjoy a day or an...

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How Your Work Environment Affects Your Productivity

 We are always looking for ways to increase our productivity. Sometimes we don’t even notice when we are being unproductive, but the habit somehow slips in and we are often stuck realizing that we could have done much more with our time than we actually did. And this realizat...

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5 Tips for Keeping Your Brand Fresh

 In the world of business, brand recognition and impression are crucial to customer interaction and retention. While brand consistency helps to build these concepts, its also important to remember to keep things fresh. Check out our tips for ...

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Audience at Alloy: Building Content That Has Value Beyond Likes, Comments, and Clicks

 Join us this Thursday, November 30th, for the second installment of the new series, Audience at Alloy. This week will feature Steve Radick, an original Pittsburgher, and the VP Director of PR at Brunner, one of the top independent agencie...

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