ALLOY 26 is a cutting edge, co-working space in the heart of Pittsburgh’s North Side, in Nova Place. We provide great companies with office space, amenities and programming to help you build the next big thing. We’re a group of the brightest entrepreneurs sharing ideas and a passion for changing the world.

The Space

50,000SF of authentic space, guaranteed to inspire those lightbulb moments. Our open floor plan is fashioned with custom furniture with individual power stations that allow you to plugin with ease and flexibility. Private offices grant the peace and quiet you need to stay focused. Comfortable lounge areas evoke synergistic energy. “Your friends will have a serious case of office envy.”

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Think Big Campaigns, A26 Influencers

  If you attended our International Women’s Day Celebration “Women in Politics Panel,” you might recognize Mitch Kates of Think Big Campaigns for his introduction of our 7 accomplished panelists. But how familiar are you with the company itself and the two co-founders who have an office at Alloy 26?     Think ...

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A26 Influencers: Meet Karen Haller Beer of National Geographic Learning

  Meet Karen Haller Beer – she’s a senior development editor for National Geographic Learning, a division of Cengage Learning. As the sole NGL employee in Pittsburgh, she...

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A26 Influencers: Meet David Freeman of Nearby Creative

Meet David Freeman of Nearby Creative. He’s the VP/Strategist of the company and has been a member of Alloy 26 since September 2017. For those of you who are unfamiliar with their business, here’s some background....

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A26 Influencer: Andrea Ackley of ABC Actini

Meet Andrea Ackley. She’s the Commercial and Sales Support Specialist at ABC Actini. They have an office in Alloy 26 (on the way to the kitchen). You can catch her busy at work with her headset in speaking with customers and typing away on her computer.   We c...

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Improving Communication at Work

  Communication is key to any job in any field, especially one that requires collaboration. And though it may seem easy, communication is something that people often struggle with. Having good communication skills ensures of better chance of success. Here...

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How to Stay Stress Free During a Busy Week

Every job has its stresses and some weeks are more hectic and stressful than most, and though it’s easy to breakdown and let the stress get the best of you, it’s im...

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